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The latest of the site:

  1. Funtana Bona (Orgosolo) mine - Old mining permission in Barbagia region. (2014-03-23)
  2. Corru Cerbu - Bacu Scardu mine - Old lead, copper and iron mine. (2014-01-27)
  3. Meana Sarda mines - Old lead, silver, copper and iron mines. (2014-01-18)
  4. Thermo-mineral waters of Sardinia - The most important thermo-mineral waters of Sardinia. (2013-12-30)
  5. Clay mines - Clay mines of sardinia: bentonite and fire clay. (2013-12-24)

The three last included mines:

  1. Funtana Bona
  2. Li Menduli (Bortigiadas)
  3. Corru Cerbu

Our three favourite mines:

  1. Brecca
  2. Baccu Locci
  3. Sa Lilla

Your three favourite mines:

  1. S'acqua bona votes: 2329
  2. Monte Narba votes: 2030
  3. Asuni mines votes: 2008

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The three pages more visited:

  1. Rosas: has been visited 9376 times
  2. Ingurtosu: has been visited 9263 times
  3. Argentiera: has been visited 8241 times

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