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(Mines of Fluminimaggiore)
Mine of S'acqua bona

Mine of

  1. Fluminimaggiore
  2. Gonnosfanadiga - Villacidro
  3. Central Sardinia
  4. Monte Narba
  5. Salto di Quirra - Gerrei
  6. Nurra
  7. San Vito - Villaputzu
  8. Ollastu river
  9. Arburese
  10. Iglesias-Gonnesa
  11. Iglesias-Marganai
  12. Monte Arci
  13. Sulcis
  14. Salto di Gessa
  15. Barbagia - Nothern Sarcidano
  16. Gerrei - Parteolla
  17. Monte Albo (Lula)
  18. Silius
  19. Ogliastra
  20. Orani
  21. Sassari
  22. La Maddalena Island - Gallura
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The mine of S'Acqua Bona can easily be reached from the S.S. 126. Near kilometre 69 of the National Road, a detour leads to a 2 km long cartway that goes directly to the mining plant.

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The photo (with the aid of the map) shows all the outside buildings of S'acqua bona: the ore dressing plant, the main gallery (situated below the dressing plant), the winch turret that carried the material extracted from the superior shafts to the dressing plant, the dormitories for the managers and those for the workers (hidden).

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Detail of the inside of the dressing plant seen from above.

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The chemical laboratory of the dressing plant.

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Detail of the dressing plant. The heavy chains were likely used to restrain the crude material that came down from the tank to the grille. The grille chose the crude by size, then the mineral underwent chemical treatment. The chain-grille-funnel system is one of the few iron elements to survive the devastation of the plant: it is too heavy to be carried away!

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The last two photographs show the dormitories that completed the mine of S'Acqua Bona. The building where the engineers (or managers) lived, is shown in the first one. It consists of three rooms that open onto a corridor, as well as a kitchen. The building's decor evidences the hierarchies of the mine.

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The second image shows the buildings in which the workers were housed. These buildings are much more modest. Even the organisation of the overall space underlines the different hierarchical positions: the dormitories of the workers are situated far down in the bottom of a little valley made by a stream running near the buildings. This building is at the foot of an embankment on top of which we find the building shown in the previous photo.

IGM map: 546, II


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