History of Mining for Gold, Precious Metals, & Home Materials

About Me

Something about me – My name is Sandro Arcais. I am from Oristano, a little town in Sardinia. I am a teacher of Italian literature and history in a secondary school. I am also the administrator of

A short story of the web site and its name – The idea of founding this web site came to me approximately in the winter of 2000. Some friends and I had already been going around abandoned mines for one year. We contacted a webmaster and we began to think about how the web site had to be, what it had to contain and what its aims should be. When it came to choosing the name and the address of the web site we liked the term “minierabondi” (an italian compound of two words: “miniera” = mine and “vagabondi” = tramps).

The first address of the old web site contained this term ( Since then the address has changed, but the term “minierabondi” has remained in the heading and in the tag line of the Italian version.

I liked to keep it because I think that the term strongly defines people who, like me, take pleasure in discovering and visiting sites that combine the beauty of the environment and historical interest.

For the English version I have choosen to use the expression “minetramps” but if you prefer, you can consider yourself a “minierabondo”.

The aim of this web site – The constitution of the Geologic and Mining Park of Sardinia, ensures that the experience, acquaintances, techniques, practices, places, spaces,environments, buildings – in short, all that the mine has represented for a substantial part of Sardinia – does not get lost. New opportunities arise, provided that the creativity, acquaintances and competences necessary are present in order to transform the last passive participation in the mine’s experience, in active and direct management of a heritage that has no equal in Italy.

My web site aims to acquaint people with the heritage and history of Sardinia. In particular, I set myself the following goals:

  • to let people discover the mining history of Sardinia, the most famous mines as well as those less known;
  • to collect information about the mines and their history;
  • to entice the visitors to to come visit, not only virtually but in reality. They will experience a lesser-known Sardinia which is far from the mass tourist routes, while receiving help in organizing their holidays;
  • to collect impressions, images and appraisals on the mines you visited;
  • to be a virtual place of encounter between people who share the same cultural interests.

My web site is continuously evolving. It will grow with time, sometimes more quickly, sometimes less. In some way it will grow with you. Enjoy your visit.

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