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The General Claim to Carl Gustav Mandell

Posted by on Nov 22, 2017

The General Claim to Carl Gustav Mandell

On 30 June 1740 a general claim was granted to a company established by the English trader Carl Brander, the German Carl von Holtzendorff and the Swedish consul in Cagliari Carl Gustav Mandell (the Mandell company). The agreement provided, in addition to the fusion and the export of all the Sardinian product, the exclusive right of mining in Sardinia. The State treasury had the first option to buy the product, and the company had to pay it twelve per cent of the extracted mineral.

A foundry was constructed near Villacidro (1742-1743). The plant worked only a few months during the year, when it was able to use the water of the small Leni torrent. The workings were concentrated in particular near the villages of Guspini and Arbus.

The agreement between the three businessmen was difficult since the beginning. After little time Mandell, left alone, entrusted himself whit the company. During the first period he used expert staff. He assumed German miners and Christian Bozen, German him too, like manager of the foundries and workshops.

The first difficulties for Carl Mandell arrived when Christian Bozen left the island and the company. Moreover the foundry produced less than the Swedish entrepreneur had hoped: the ratio between the costs (the mineral introduced in the furnaces, the burned firewood, the staff) and the obtained lead was unfavourable, and such it remained also after some modifications made to the plant.

On 20 February 1758 his claim was declared invalid. In fact he was suspected to have not respected the clauses of the claim. In particular the Reale Intendenza accused him to have evaded the state treasury clandestinely exporting purified silver. On 10 May 1759 he died before the Supreme Real Council of Turin pronounced a decision on his appeal.

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