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What Gemologist Elisha Morgan looks for when analyzing gold and precious metals?

Posted by on Jan 18, 2018

What Gemologist Elisha Morgan looks for when analyzing gold and precious metals?

Gold and other precious metals are some of the most important investments of our lives. So, we must be very careful when buying these metals because there are many people that can fool you around by selling the rough metals. There must be some reliable jewelers in your area that are popular for providing the pure jewels and metals but we still recommend that you must learn the way analyzing these precious metals because every single carat can increase or decrease the price of the metal you are buying.

Fortunately, we received some advice from the Elisha Morgan Gemologist who is very famous for her perfect gold and precious metals analysis. As a Gemologist, she has a lot of experience with all these jewels and metals and she knows different ways of analyzing the purity of these metals. She doesn’t only analyze the purity of metals that are purchased from a jeweler’s but she also analyzes several metals that are discovered in different parts of the world.

Thus, you can understand the authenticity of her advice. She has just shared her tips about how you can buy the right quality of gold and other metals like silver and platinum from a jeweler. She hasn’t shared much information about the metals that are discovered in different locations because those metals are usually analyzed with the help of expert gemologist. However, you can use these tips to understand the nature of a metal.

Here are the important things that Gemologist Elisha Morgan looks for when analyzing gold and precious metals.

Visual inspection

Visual inspection is the most important thing that can help you determine the purity of the metal. There are some particular signs that point to the purity of the metal. You can use a magnifying glass to see the stamp that indicated the fineness or carat of the metal. The discoloration sign on the metal is also the indication that the metal you are purchasing is not pure at all. Elisha also uses the bleach to analyze the purity of the metal but she only does this in some difficult situations.

Bite Test

The next way that Elisha uses to analyze the purity of the metal is to bite it with her teeth. If the metal shows indents from your teeth, then it means that the metal is pure. Similarly, the deeper markings will indicate the intense purity. This method is not recommended to those that have not tried it before because it may damage your teeth.

Magnet Test

Magnet test is another test that helps in determining whether the metal is pure or not. Most of the precious metals are non-magnetic. It means that the magnet won’t show any effects on the metal if it is pure. However, if the magnet shows any effects, it is a clear sign that the metal is fake.

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